Fluid Lock Ball Valves - Zero Backflow. All Valve.
For us, backflow technology is just as important as frontflow technology

The Fluid Lock ball valve design has been on our drawing board for nearly 5 years. We took the knowledge we had by rebuilding nearly 1 million valves and used it to create our own patented cost effective ball valve.  The Fluid Lock offers the latest technology in polymer materials of construction in both the body and the seals; we did this so our customer’s inventory would stay at a minimum thereby lowering the cost of stocking and they valve will cover a wider range of chemical compatibility.
Fluid Lock has been UN 31HA1 approved by both global UN testing authorities as well as the global IBC OEMs. Through the test and qualification process we ensured that it will fit and were replaceable all major brands of IBCs include several generations’ changes like the Schutz IBC bottles.
Coming in 2009 the next generation of the Fluid Lock will have a zero back flow preventer built into the valve body. This will ensure you that no foreign products can enter the IBC through the valve, eliminating the concern for contaminates. With the increasing concerns of EPA and FDA the Fluid lock ball valves will meet the federally mandated regulations.

  • Reinforced chemically compatibly all poly body and collar.
  • Polyethylene gaskets and seals that offer the same chemical compatibly resistance as the IBC’s themselves, eliminating the need to stock multiple seal types (EPDM, Viton, Santoprene, Teflon)
  • Impact resistance poly swivel collar for ease of valve installation
  • Patent pending modular reinforced body design with ergonomic handle and born-on-date.
  • Fits all composite IBC designs.