For us, backflow technology is just as important as frontflow technology

The most innovative components for container systems. These things practically distribute themselves.

Stainlez offers a competitive advantage over other manufacturers. We truly value the distributor relationship.

Our objective is to provide a collection of uniquely designed products – building quality container systems for  the distribution network to improve profitability and promote growth. To achieve this objective, these value-added services are provided to distributors:

• New and industry leading product releases
• Online application and sales support instruments
• Fulfillment of custom design solutions for “out-of-the-box” client needs
• Dedicated distributor support personnel who understand the industry
• Co-operative sales & marketing funding

Stainlez’s trusted distributor network:

2595 Palmer Avenue
University Park, IL 60466-4105
P: 800-776-3786  |  708-543-0900