For us, backflow technology is just as important as frontflow technology

At Stainlez Inc., we understand that the only way to grow our business is to grow yours. And, while you can become familiar with our capabilities and methods throughout this site, the best way to understand the impact Stainlez can have on your business is see others who have walked your path - happily satisfied.

We offer real world solutions that are practical and simple helping you to keep cost low and increase speed to market.  We just don’t think outside the box but we look around the globe to bring you fresh new concepts to rethink old ideas.

PROBLEM: One of the leading manufacturers of industrial containers in the world needed a US resource that could convert 3” valve opening to 2” thread outlet to prevent destroying of thousands of IBC bottles and promote reuse.

SOLUTION: Stainlez developed a custom part that provided a remarkable component that offered to save these bottles from land filling and managed to keep the part short in length to sue during shipping.

Stainlez likes a challenge when it comes to new product designs, from concept to sampling and testing we can manage the whole process with effective means.

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